Wednesday, 23 March 2011


What's making you happy this week? Here are my treasures from the last few days...

Reading in bed

Paul's homemade 'leftovers foccacia'

My new Windsor chairs, finally found on eBay after much searching

Friends for Saturday lunch

Pretty Easter chocolate

Little Harry

Big Jim

Food faces

Our friends' first harvest from their Daylesford veggie garden

Making British cherry bakewell cupcakes for the racial harmony day at school.

Not making me happy this week: worrying about friends and family in Japan, trying to lose weight, retailers who cancel trade fair orders (grrr), our cat bringing mice into the front porch, hospital visits with my son, how quickly this year is going by, and too much dog poo to clean up in the garden. Gah!

But I am trying to focus on the positive things.

Have a great week! x


Bubbles and Spanky said...

Those 'leftovers foccacia's look so yummy!

I was also wondering if the Lark store would be open on easter weekend?


Kimberley said...

Oh my that picture of Harry is making me laugh big belly laughs! so cute.

Lillabilly said...

I'm so glad you are focussing on the positive have so very many beautiful positives to focus on!!

Tracey said...

Drinking a glass of cold milk with milo....sitting on my deck on a sunny autumn day...reading my favourite blogs including Lark...working out what to do with my children in the upcoming school holidays.

Not making me happy this week is gain 2 kilos, endless housework, editing a manuscript where a woman dies.

Lark said...

Tracey, I love your comment, that really made me smile!

Allison x

Jayne said...

Reading this makes me happy :)

Alison said...

So many happy things (ie yummy cakes)really make up for the not so happy ones.

I know it's not nice to see a mouse in your house, but perhaps it's a gift from your cat and it is getting rid of vermin, so maybe it's not soo bad.

Keep thinking positive.


delia hornbook said...

Its good to focus on the positives rather the negatives. Im with you on the hospital visits with your son, its the same for me my son has Crohn's disease and looks like he is having a relaspe so its tests and scans at the moment. I hope its nothing serious with your son, children are such a worry bless them. Lovely cherry bakewells they have to be my favourites ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

Kim H said...

Those British cupcakes are gorgeous! What lovely thnigs you've been doing this past week. I hope your son is OK after his hospital visits.

IKWYM re: weightless unhappiness. It's a HARD slog! I'm feeling it too!!! Not happy!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Love your positive thoughts! Your cat is trying to feed you...she/he never sees you hunt so thinks you must be hungry or not know how! So a friend (she's a vet) tells me anyway...
I miss cherry bakewell tarts! I grew up in the uk...and they are one of my favourite things! Must google cherry bakewell cupcake recipes! :) Hope your son will be ok too.

josephinetalepeddler said...

Hello, I'm trying to catch up on a few Blogs. I love this post. It made me happy. Rain makes me happy. Reading in bed which I managed to do this rainy Saturday with an Agatha Christie and Red Magazine. I can relate to the losing weight bit. I've just bought the Dukan diet to check that one out. xx