Sunday, 27 March 2011

Racial Harmony Day at school - yum!

I snapped just a fraction - the harmony day at school this week, organised by my big boy's wonderful grade 4 teacher, was fab and I was too busy scoffing to take many photos. Eight huge tables laden with food from all around the globe! As a family, we have travelled a lot and always enjoyed trying food from different cultures, so it is great to finally be at a school with so many families from different places - China, Belgium, India, Japan, France, Africa .......... love!!


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Mmm yum! Great way to bring people (especially little folk) together! Might have to organise one for work soon...apparently we have some great chefs amongst us!
I missed you at FK this weekend. Will visit you in Daylesford soon!

Morgan Wills said...

I did miss out didn't I!! Looks so yummy! mxo

Nat said...

Harmony Day is such a great concept! Looks like fun :)

The Little Forest said...

Mmmm, mergpijpjes and speculaas from Holland! I love those.

Marieke (from Holland obviously)
My name's pronounced "mareeker". There, a free Dutch lesson in pronounciation to go with the mergpijpjes and speculaas :)

Love your blog!