Monday, 21 March 2011

Some favourites

Polka dots are all very well and good, but personally I am adoring anything stripey right now. It's like stripes are to polka dots what macarons are to cupcakes! I pulled together this little collection of pink stripey things from our shop.

Freckles - another favourite inspiration at the moment, as seen on the Freckle Rug, Garland and the Freckle Chocolate Bunny!

And yellow - I seem to be picking out lots of yellow things for the Lark shop at the moment! I have made a Yellow Things page especially.


pilgrim said...

oh! so much adorable :) i love the yellow - and you make freckles look good!

Maxabella said...

Oh how I love a stripe (and a dot, but a stripe wins). And pink. And everything so Easterish and lovely. Thanks, Allison. x

PhotoPuddle said...

Ooo, I am such a suker for anything stripy!