Friday, 11 March 2011

Vintage shopping

A quick rummage in the Daylesford bazaar revealed some treasure this week! I have a collection of these blue and cream vintage plates in my kitchen, and I like the dainty edging on these ones.

A vintage milk bottle to use as a vase.

A stash of souvenir tea towels for just a few dollars, and they are all like new!

And Doug had put aside these lovely Ladybird books for my collection!

The Bazaar is very well stocked at the moment, you must visit if you come to Daylesford, it's on Vincent Street as you leave town towards Hepburn.


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing. An excuse to visit.

Alison said...

Such lovely goodies, I love them all.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

country-city-rita said...

Absolutely love the plates, would love to find some of those pastel antique dinner plates one day, so cute

Maxabella said...

'Magnets Bulbs and Batteries' must have been the must-read of its era!!! The illustrations look fab, though. You are very lucky to have such a good eye for treasures. x

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Love the buys as usual. Was just reading through some of your old posts and saw the monkey bar incident. How distressing. I couldn't imagine anything worse than watching your child go under. Okay, silly statement, there are worse things but that's a shocker. I hope your little boys have settled into their new school. It's so awful when children are bullied (even lower forms of bulling). Children certainly keep us on our toes and keep our senses nice and sharp to say the least.
Have a beautiful weekend. xx

Kim H said...

Oh I collect those twirly edged johnson bros plates too. I have such a pile now but never too many;) What a find. And my friend Lynda would probably knock you down in teh street to get her hands on that stack of tea towels! LOL (No, only in her mind, she's a pacifist really LOL).

I love weekend finds like these xx