Thursday, 7 April 2011

Baby & Toddler Show

Phew, what a day! We picked up the hire van, filled it full of goodies and dashed off to Carlton to set up a mini Lark shop. I'm very pleased with how it came out - it's cute, colourful and chock full of my favourite things! I hope you can come along this weekend - it looks like it's going to be a fantastic show, with so many amazing brands and stores and designers, from huge to small.

Jordana and Paul will be at the Lark stand most of the time (I'm holding the Lark fort and minding the kids) and they would love to meet you. We're giving away $5 gift vouchers with every purchase, and you can win a $500 spending spree too!

The Lark stand is right at the front entrance, next to Mothercare, you can't miss us. Hurray!

What do you think of the stand design?Cute, huh? The giant balloons were a last-minute add-on, to match the freckle rug, and don't Travis's graphics look ace?? xxx


Down that Little Lane said...

Looks great... Tutti frutti!

embracingitall said...

Looks lovely. I can see you have already put lots of hard work into your stand. Hope it is a great success for you. The balloons look really cute. They look like giant freckles for sure. I'm lovin' that bunny lamp. My daughter, Tenneille, would go crazy for it. All the best, Jacinta

pilgrim said...

oh my!! it looks AMAZNG!! those plastic baskets are to DIE for. i was going to pop in, but i'm all germy and sick so thinking its best i stay home and keep it to myself. hope it goes well :D

bee said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous Allison! And yep - Travis's graphics are super ace! I'm sure your mini-shop will be a knockout at the show :) I won't be able to make it down (bummer) but hoping to come visit you soon, before bubs is due. xo

Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Your tempting me to hop on the tram and come down and visit you! I hope that it is a great show for you and that the truck is empty when you drive it back!

Little Craft said...

Wow, your stand looks absolutely amazing. Wish I could make it to the show this week-end to come and visit Lark, sad to miss it. But looking at your post makes me put another visit to Daylesford at the top of my list to spend some time in your gorgeous store. Have a great show, looking forward to using my Christmas present voucher (thanks hubby) in store very soon.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Thank you for popping my by blog & for your lovely message.
I'm so glad you did as now I've found you too! Your shop & blog are simply adorable!

Ren said...

I thought your stand was great yesterday! I was very excited to be able to show my husband all the things I want from your online store in person!