Monday, 4 April 2011

What our customers have to say...

At Lark, we reckon we have the best customers in the world. I love that they always have something to say. A customer wrote to me recently to debate whether we should rename our 'ice lolly bath sponges' as 'ice block bath sponges' or 'icy pole bath sponges' which are more Australian. I love that. Whenever I make a little typo on one of our newsletters (such as the 'oink' tea towel that was meant to be 'pink'!) a helpful customer always writes in to let me know. This is great.

If YOU have some feedback about Lark, whether it is an idea, something you love about us, or something you think we could be doing better, there is a page HERE on our website where you read what customers are saying and send your own feedback to us. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Just today we received three ace comments that I couldn't resist sharing, they made me smile and they really cheered up Dean (our warehouse guy) who takes so much care about his work. Thanks Charlotte, Rachael and Alison! xx ...

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order of little freckle bunnies today and they are fabulous!!!! My nieces and nephews are going to love them!! I love getting something a little bit different so I love shopping at Lark!!
Thank you so much",

"Thanks Lark! I just received in the post the Swap Cards I ordered only on Thursday last week, wow, speedy. I'm sure my daughter is going to love them when she gets home from school, they are gorgeous. Many thanks for the speedy service." Rachael

"My parcel arrived today and everything is perfect (again)!
The spotty door mat is to die for, the cookie jar so cute and the bunnies are tucked away for Easter.
I can feel the care and love you put into the packing and I just want to thank you for your attention to detail - and all the amazing goodies"
:-) Alison

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beutiful blog, and I love your shop too!