Sunday, 1 May 2011

Autumn craftiness

May is finally here! One of my favourite months of the year as nothing much 'happens', it's lovely, cosy autumn and I always try and make time to do lots of crafting. Here are some of the projects that are inspiring me at the moment...

This Daisy Chain Sampler from Posie. I have ordered my kit already, isn't it sweet?

Pretty paper garlands using Mae wrapping papers. I found this (and many other pretty paper projects) in this new magazine Paper Runway. Love!

These 'retro-tastic garden markers' found on My Poppet. Cintia's blog has some lovely, simple tutorials and is constantly inspiring.

Are you planning some Autumn craftiness too? x


Nat @ dear little house said...

I'm planning to triple the size of our home with renovations and extensions this autumn, but no doubt that will involve lots of crafting too :)

le@thirdontheright said...

love that too ! so pretty but I'd like someone else to make it for me - best le xox