Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rock On

Are you old enough to remember the 70s? Did you collect swap cards and ride a dragster? And did you own a pet rock?

I am SO excited this week to have tracked down some descendants of the original 70s Pet Rocks that sparked a big craze. The gang has now touched down at Melbourne airport and made its way to Daylesford, where the guys are sitting patiently in their 'kennels' at Lark, waiting to be adopted.

When you adopt a Pet Rock you need to bear a lot of things in mind; it is a real responsibility after all. Each Pet rock comes with a rock care manual that you must read before taking your pet from the box.

We've created a Flickr group as I want to see photos of your little guys once they have left us and find out where they hang out, who they hang out with and what they are up to! Please join the My Pet Rock Flickr Group and post your photos. The best ones might even get a little prize from Lark!

To help other pets too, Lark is donating 50 cents from every Pet Rock adoption to the RSPCA in Victoria.

CLICK HERE to adopt your Pet Rock! Get Rockin'!

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