Sunday, 15 May 2011

So that was the weekend

What a lovely, social weekend. On Saturday we had friends visit from Melbourne, we ate chocolate tart, we met some other friends and we all went for a walk in the park. Afterwards we got the kids into bed early and watched a movie. Today was our annual visit to Booktown festival in Clunes. Every year we make the trip to beautiful Clunes to browse books, eat, watch Punch & Judy, and fossik in junk shops. This year Bob Hawke was there, sitting on a bale of hay. We met up with three other families for a picnic, and we bumped into lots of people we know, so it was very chatty. Paul made pizza this weekend - that's not so unusual, but it accidentally came out in the shape of a heart - awww! I love pizza and I love weekends with friends and family!


Down that Little Lane said...

That looks like a pretty good weekend to me.. Love the pizza x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I love the dog on the couch. :)

josephinetalepeddler said...

Sounds perfect, Alison. I was the opposite on the weekend gone. I just wanted to stay in my little nest, get all my chores done and be with my family. The cold weather makes me want to hibernate but I love it. xx