Saturday, 16 July 2011

A busy birdie

Cor, has this week been busy or what? Paul and I have been juggling the school holidays with a major overhaul of our office, managing the final big batch of orders from our winter sale and planning for our upcoming trade fair. I don't think I have ever been so busy, and that's saying something. I was a bit teary about it all on Thursday, as I hate not being able to do my best, but thanks to help from some of our lovely local friends we pulled through and I am no longer overwhelmed. Anyway, next week promises some exciting new developments and a fresh start.

I hope everyone's relaxing this weekend - I am!! Last night we had a hilarious family meal out at the Daylesford Bowling Club with our best pals. My son won a meat raffle - not much use as he is vegetarian, hee hee! But after a bit of negotiation it was swapped for a voucher from Country Cuisine, who make tasty jams and pickles. Today the boys and I have been sitting at the table cutting things out and chatting, Paul made a delicious gozleme stuffed with buttery leeks and fetta cheese for lunch, I picked fruit from the garden, the boys took the dogs for a long walk, we ate cupcakes, and now I am doing a bit of online shopping for my son's birthday. Although it is still totally freezing here in country Victoria, it is at least bright and crisp today, lovely! x


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, the big office clean out, why do we attempt it in the school holidays, but so worth the effort. Love Posie

Lark said...

Thanks Jennie, I know! We were planning just a bit of painting and tidying in the office but have ended up with new floor, new kitchen, loo renovation, entire repaint, wallpaper feature wall, rewiring and plumbing of new hot water system, new door and then the fun bit of new office accessories from Kikki K!x

Miss Shivi said...

Country cuisine sounds lovely!

Glad you're feeling less overwhelmed too- you're lucky you have such good friends