Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dry July

This year I am taking part in Dry July, an awesome community project raising funds for people battling cancer.

My lovely dad died of cancer 7 years ago. Ted had only just retired and loved spending time with his grandchildren. He was also learning to 'surf' the internet and to speak Spanish. I miss my dad every day, and wish he was here to see our sons growing up (his longed-for boys after 3 daughters and 6 grand daughters). Cancer is a terrible thing.

For the month of July, I have given up alcohol. A small sacrifice, I know, but it's pretty hard-going after a day of work and kids when wine o' clock comes around and you have to stick to water! I am proud to have reached day 6 without being tempted, although I did very come close on Sunday, I must admit.

If you'd like to join in or donate money to Dry July in memory of someone you have lost to cancer yourself, please CLICK HERE. I'm part of a team organised by Pip of Meet me at Mikes, and we're hoping to raise loads of money for the Royal Melbourne Hospital by the end of the month. It's really simple to donate online and your money will go a long way towards helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

And roll on 1st August, I'll be the one with a very large gin and tonic! x

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Anita Bonney said...

I know how it is when you miss someone, take care
Anita x
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