Friday, 22 July 2011

A glorious day

Wow, what a wonderfully glorious day it has been in Daylesford today. There was definitely a hint of spring in the air, a big blue sky and I even felt some actual warmth from the sun!!! I took my scarf and coat off OUTSIDE for the first time in several months.

We went out for a Lark lunch in Hepburn, to welcome our new staff member, Mel, who is extremely awesome. Dean (our warehouse guy) has an old open-top sports car so we drove over to Hepburn 'al fresco', feeling very glamorous.

HUGE lunch at the Chowder House. I love this place. Great food, op shop kitschy decor, the best service in Daylesford, and there is always a party atmosphere. When we went there for a family breakfast last weekend the owner started an impromptu trivia quiz for all the customers, and we made friends with a family from Bendigo at the next table. Hilarious, and hugely delicious and very fattening food, like giant drippy mango cream cupcakes and the biggest breakfasts in town. Love.

Anyway, I digress, as they say. After lunch I pottered at The Lark House for a while, preparing it for this weekend's guests, and I ambled back to work via the Daylesford Bazaar. Doug rang me a few days ago with some good news: last year I spied a very sweet sewing table there but it had already sold (boo), however the girl who bought it is leaving Daylesford so it is back again, and now it's finally mine! Yay! Thank goodness for Doug and his incredible memory. I also picked up a big crochet granny squares blanket and a sweet vintage cup and saucer. The very cute kitten cookie jar in the photo was also tempting but I resisted - isn't she adorable?

Back home to pick up the kids and a parent-teacher meeting with our oldest son's teacher, now I am enjoying the last of today's sunlight while Paul makes pizza with smoky eggplant and garlicky Meredith goat's cheese. Hope the weather stays nice for the weekend, it's such a pick-me-up, isn't it?x

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