Wednesday, 27 July 2011

In praise of bacon and eggs

One of the greatest pleasures when you work from home occasionally, is to be able to have bacon and eggs for brunch. Mmm, a big drippy buttery bacon and egg sandwich. When I was little my dad used to love a 'bacon butty' when he came home from working a late shift, and it is the ultimate comfort food for me. Also the best hangover cure. I make mine with veggie bacon in order to be kind to animals and the planet!

Allison's bacon and eggs for 2 hungry (or hungover) people

4 slices of white sandwich bread (nothing fancy, just regular supermarket stuff is the best)
4 eggs (the quality does matter with eggs, try and get organic and free range local eggs)
4 slices of Sanitarium bacon style rashers
Butter and vegetable oil

Heat up the grill compartment of your oven. Butter one slice of bread. On the stove, lightly fry the rashers in veg oil, just to warm them through, remove them from the frypan and keep them warm. Break eggs into the pan and cook on the stove for 1 minute until the egg white is cooked but not crispy (ewww!). Now put the pan under the grill to cook the eggs from above for about 2 minutes or until the yolk is just firm outside and still drippy inside.

Put 2 bacon rashers onto each buttered slice of bread. Arrange 2 eggs on top, so that the yolks are not right next to each other (to ensure even yolkiness when you eat). Put the remaining bread slices on top and gently squash down.

Serve with a big mug of Irish Breakfast builders tea and a serviette. Yummm!

Back to work. x

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