Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A little bit of thrift

I haven't been op shopping for a while, but last week presented a couple of opportunities for thrifting - a day trip to Bendigo, and a collectables fair in Ballarat with Morgan. I am trying not to add too much to my stash at the moment, but there were a few things too good to resist, like these mini plastic baskets at 50 cents each!

An as-new vintage wool blanket. I was taken by the vibrant teal/aqua colour of this, it's unusual and very pretty. Once washed it will look fab in my son's room.

A cute little vintage quilt for a dollar.

A big 60s platter that goes nicely in the kitchen in our new house.

A couple of lovely fairytale storybooks, I can never resist these.

And this cute vintage puzzle was just 50 cents.

I think my favourite find was this vintage 1950s fabric from an op shop in Bendigo, I adore the umbrellas. I was excited to find a large piece of such lovely old fabric, quite a rare find these days!

Hopefully during the school holidays I'll ge the chance to visit a few more oppies! x


Nat @ dear little house said...

There's nothing like a good op shop haul! Some great finds there :)

Renea said...

Super finds, well done xx

le@thirdontheright said...

love the blankie - looks great and in usch good nick :) best le xox

Allana said...

Great finds, love the blanket colour too :)

Anna said...

That blue blanket is wonderful~!

ally said...

love the blanket
and I had those story book cubes - in a sweet wooden box - I loved them

flourish and blume said...

We were looking for blankets like that to cover a chair, alas, Cloth fabric has done it already, check it out...amazing: