Friday, 5 August 2011

Wedding Dresses, Trams and Bob

I can't wait to head over to Bendigo for the The White Wedding Dress exhibition from the V&A with my girlfriend.

If you are planning to go to the exhibition, don't forget to visit Bob Boutique, which is the 'nanna' of cute crafty shops in regional Victoria, having been set up by my dear friend Sonia Tavener 7 years ago, in the days before craft blogs and Etsy. It has a very loyal following of devoted customers. Bob is sweet and quirky, and Sonia has been a huge inspiration and source of advice for me in starting my own little shop in Daylesford. As well as many of her own designs, Sonia supports Australian makers and artists (part of the shop is an exhibition space), and you will find many things in Bob that you haven't seen before, hurrah!

Sonia's mum Gail Taverner is a photographer, and the Bob gallery is currently showing a series of photographs taken while she was pregnant with Sonia in the 1970s, capturing the last days of the tram passanger service through Bendigo streets. I am definitely going to be checking this out, I love photos from this period. Also my children are 'half Bendigo' as their lovely dad is from there, so it will be especially interesting for us - we are hoping to spot Paul as a toddler in one of the photos!

Bendigo is a really good place for a family day trip or weekend, and I must report that is has some of the best op shops I have ever found. But if you can't make it over, you can also shop at Bob Boutique online.

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