Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Move over Foxy!

A lovely lady I was chatting to recently told me that peacocks are 'the new foxes' and I can't help but believe it's true because I keep seeing peacocks and their lovely bluey colours and pretty feathers everywhere. What do you think?

Peacockery found on Pinterest

A lovely Peacock rug from Rice (available shortly from Lark)


Leesa said...

ha ha I've been telling people the next big thing is the peacock!!

zigsma said...

I'm happy to jump on this trend. I've had peacock feathers (with their 'evil eyes') in my house for years - I'm not superstitious. They are gorgeous creatures - the colours! I saw one just yesterday. A real one. At the Collingwood Children's Farm. :)

sister outlaws said...

I love peacocks too and used to wear peacock feathers in my hair. My granny was very superstitious though and my Mum embroidered her a table cloth with peacocks on it. Pne night when it was on the table, Granny had a fight with Grandpa and blamed the table cloth and threw it in the fire!!! Crazy huh???

Stella said...

That peacock rug is incredible!