Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fave shop find: RE

One the first part of our trip (see below), I re-visited a lot of my old favourite shops, but there was one place I visited for the first time after wanting to go there for many years: RE in Corbridge, Northumberland. My goodness, this shop is very much off the beaten track, it is near Hadrian's Wall, way up in the North of England. But is is most definitely worth the long drive!

Re is a huge converted workshop building (a bit like the Lark building) and it sells everything that you didn't know until now that you absolutely need in your life - like British Isles biscuit cutters, string bobbin winders, phrenology tea towels and plaster saints. I spent about an hour in there wishing I could ship everything back to Australia with me, and I did come out with a bag of lovely things, like a mini brush and shovel for my office in painted pink metal and a Great Britain souvenir tea towel.

Lots of the products are repurposed or rediscovered, and the overall shop design is inspired by old shops and department stores with old shop signs, vintage haberdashery cabinets etc. Love!

Simon Young and Jenny Vaughan started RE eight years ago, and it is very much their personal vision, like the best independent shops always are, it's clearly run with passion and integrity!

The shop has a lovely, laid-back vibe, the staff re nice and were happy for me to take photos (what's with shops that don't let you take photos? At our shop you are WELCOME to snap away, no need to skulk in the corner with your phone, pretending you are checking your text messages!).

RE also has a jolly good website, although it is expensive to ship to Aussie, so I definitely recommend that you go there in person to really experience this most amazing shop!


Hey Bambini said...

That place looks AMAZING! Spotted about ten things l'd like to buy! x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oohhh... I love window shopping, thanks.

Handmade in Israel said...

Love that biscuit cutter! I want one! Looks like a fabulous shop.