Saturday, 12 November 2011

Printable Christmas Shopping List

I made a printable Christmas Shopping List with the help of Lyndsay. Do you like it? We had fun designing it. The list has appeared in the very spiffy Good Stuff Holiday Guide by Pip at Meet Me at Mikes, and will also be in the Lark Christmas catalogue, which I am working on at the moment. Feel free to print it out and start making lists!! (there is also a list of things that YOU would like to receive yourself, to stick on the fridge where everyone will see it!).

1 comment:

Maxabella said...

How cute is that? I would never think to have a special Christmas list paper... but now that I've seen it, I need it!


PS - Guess who got a $200 Lark gift voucher for her birthday? My friends know me so well! xxx