Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New designer at Lark: Madame Chalet

Occasionally I come across a new designer/illustrator who is so TOTALLY on my wavelength, and this was the case when I discovered Madame Chalet recently. I literally gasped at how much I loved her work!

Genevieve is a Swiss girl living in the UK (hence the Chalet), and she designs the cutest ever gifts and cards, with four collections inspired by vintage figurines, cross-stitch and tapestry, old storybooks and, of course, her Swiss heritage. Hurrah, I say!

The first delivery from Madame Chalet arrived at Lark this week, and I couldn't open the box quick enough!! There will be even more goodies to come later in the month. But for the meantime, here are the gorgeous things that you will find in our shop from today:

Mirrors, Notebooks and Pocket Mirrors from the Les Marmottes collection.

'Say It' Badges (there are lots more, this is jut a sneaky peek)

Cahier's D'Ecriture vintage schoolbooks collection on mirrors and cards

Cross Stitch collection on badges and mirrors (last minute Valentine gift idea!!).

I am super-excited to be launching Genevieve's work in Australia, and I hope you will love it too! We have created a special page for it all on our website HERE...

Have a great day x


delia hornbook said...

aahh those note cards are the start are super cute ;-)) dee x

Jayne said...

Great spotting- her work is gorgeous! Too cute for words :)