Friday, 13 April 2012

End of an era

This weekend the Lark House in Daylesford will host its last guests before it closes for good. On Monday we'll begin the process of moving out all of our collections and furniture before handing the keys to the new owners.

We feel kind of sad because this was our family home for five years, our boys grew from tiny pre-schoolers to big kids in this house and it holds so many memories. We turned it from an un-loved jumble of rooms into an awesome and pretty home, just as it deserved.

But life has to move on, and the little brick house we have been living in for the past year while opening up the Lark House to guests is just not very practical or loveable, so by selling the Lark House we've been able to buy a new family home in Ballarat - a larger town 30 minutes from Daylesford but still in the country and near to the bigger schools and facilities that we need these days.

The new house does not require the total renovation that the Daylesford house did but we are still planning to make it our own with new paint and a few other changes. It has 'good bones', a grand appearance, high ceilings, a giant oak tree and much loveliness. Most of all it has the space we need for our growing-up family!

So while we are sad to be leaving our Daylesford home, we are excited about being in a comfortable family home once again!

Thank you to all of the guests who stayed at the Lark House this past year, we have loved having you visit and reading your sweet comments in the visitor book.

And of course, the Lark Shop in Daylesford will remain open every weekend in Duke Street. We have just given it a makeover and filled it with the new season products so please come and visit us one weekend!


Squiggly Rainbow said...

sounds exciting... we did a similar thing... moved out of a comfy home to not such a comfy home... and now hoping to buy one to bring up the children in these 'bigger' years! xx

katiecrackernuts said...

It's something we did too, move to a bigger centre with more opportunities for children and it's provided that but now we're almost to the end of that time, we're thinking of the reverse and moving to smaller environs. It's just thinking at the moment but my partner and I have both been sprung perusing real estate guides.

Nat @ dear little house said...

Leaving somewhere with such good memories is always sad, but on the upside you get to start a whole new home adventure! Thing of the fun you will have decorating and styling the new house :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

If I win Tattslotto this weekend, please, please may I buy the Lark House?

le_third said...

change is a constant yes ... I am sure the new family will love your house too :) le xox

Kim H said...

I'm so glad that you're able to buy a house that you feel comfy in. It sounds lovely, Allison, especially that giant oak tree! I hope everything goes well for you with the sale of the Lark house and your new Ballarat adventures. Will you be setting up Lark in Ballarat? Happy weekend x

Lark said...

Thanks Kim! Our offices and online store are now based in Ballarat but we wont be opening a store in Ballarat.

Tracey said...

I've followed the Lark journey since seeing you in Australian Country Style magazine a couple of years ago so I am thrilled to see a new chapter to the Lark story on the horizon.
My mother in law was from an old Ballarat family and when we returned there in 2010 to place her ashes alongside her parents, I was struck by how lovely the town is.

And Europa I think make the best coffee!!

Fatima Shakila Khairina said...

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